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Big Adventures – Small Spaces

Whether we’re in a dorm room, an apartment, or a small house, there are things we can to make the most of the room we have available.
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This year’s hot color may give you the blues (but in the best way!)

I called it.  Kind-of. Remember back in November when I was anticipating the release of Pantone's Color of the Year?   Out of the colors that Pantone had selected for the 2016 apparel forecast, I predicted that Snorkel Blue would be chosen as the "it" color for interiors for 2016, due in part to the trends…
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A glimpse into the 2016 Color Forecasts

Every year at this time I anxiously check my e-mail for an announcement of Pantone's Color of the Year.  While we wait, however, both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore released their 2016 "Color of the Year" and they're strikingly similar. And both white.   Hmm.  Not sure about this. "White space"—meaning clear area around a focal point, or space…
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5 Things to Tell Your Painter Before He Begins

Painting a room is one of the least expensive ways to make a huge impact on a room.  However, not everyone is gifted with 1) time, or 2) a steady hand (think random blotches of red paint on a white ceiling...). When hiring a painter, the first thing you want to do is make sure he or…
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