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Discover tips and resources to help you in your eDECORATING plan

eDECORATING Tip of the Day: Take advantage of floor sample sales at furniture stores!  If you are flexible on a few nicks & scratches, you can creatively locate or accessorize these floor example pieces for a great savings.  One example:  Our local Haverty's Furniture Store has floor sample rugs on sale from 15-40% off, plus…
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eDECORATING is an affordable, easy way to access an Interior Designer’s knowledge and experience in a packaged format that has the DIY homeowner in mind! Gina McMurtrey Interiors is proud to offer eDECORATING Services as the first of its kind in Southwest Missouri! See what the Today Show had to say about the eDECORATING concept on…
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