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eDECORATING vs. Traditional Interior Design: Part 2 of 2

  It’s time to expand to accommodate your growing family, redesign the bathroom for that period claw foot tub you always wanted, or update the look in your master suite. You’ve decided that this is a process you’re not sure you can do completely on your own. Is it time to hire an interior designer?…
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Solid vs. Engineered Wood Floors: Which is best for your project?

There's no denying the beauty and warmth a wood floor can bring to a room.  When consulting with clients on their wood flooring choice, we always discuss if solid wood (which is what most people think they want) or engineered wood (which ends up being a more suitable choice in many cases) would be best for their project Engineered wood floors…
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From Party Pit to Cozy Cottage — Lakeside Tiny House eDECORATING Plan

One of the most dramatic projects that I've been able to help design was for my sister and their tiny...and I mean TINY (715 s.f.!)...A-frame house they purchased on a private lake. She and her husband are very resourceful and talented do-it-yourselfers.  They renovated a small ranch-style home just a year and a half before and…
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