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We finished a master bathroom remodel with Gina and the entire experience was amazing! She listened to our wants and desires and exceeded our expectations. During the design phase, we knew we trusted her completely. Her professionalism, work ethic, and design skills are impressive. The finished product is a dream master bath. We will only use Gina McMurtrey Interiors for our next project!"

My husband and I hired Gina McMurtrey Interiors to assist in re-modeling our Master Bathroom after we consulted with Gina on artwork and paint color for our Home Office. We would describe Gina's attributes as an Interior Designer and Project Manager as: Creative, Customer Focused, Professional, Responsive, Conscientious, Thorough and a Pure Joy to work with during ALL phases of the project. We transformed our Master Bathroom, which was outdated by about 15 years, into a modern "spa like" retreat. My husband and I were also extremely impressed with the quality of contractors she hired to come to our home. We were so confident in Gina and the contractors, we left our home for a week of vacation in Florida - that is TRUST. I would highly recommend Gina McMurtrey Interiors and look forward to other projects in the hear future.

Gina’s talents are creativity and imagination. I worked with Gina to create a space that was warm, eco-friendly, comfortable, and unique. Gina’s expertise is to envision the space by considering function, flow, fabric, color, light, and overall impact. Her design process and inspiration lead to exceptional results. I couldn’t be more pleased with her work! She is a consummate professional that goes above and beyond expectations.

This was a master bedroom/bath remodel. The master bath made a complete turn around and the results are stunning. It looks so clean and spacious. Gina helped us incorporate the current blue tile as we did not want to deal with the mess of tear out. She worked with us through choosing colors and design elements of the cabinet and draperies. The bedroom simply needed a fresh coat of paint to compliment the bath.
Gina gave us great options to choose from yet was flexible to work with our personal interests. This is our third project with Gina, and we will definitely call her again for the next project.

We just completed an extensive remodel of our kitchen and master bath. Gina listened carefully to our goals and was quite creative in overcoming the challenges of our original home design. We now have a beautiful, functional kitchen. It is comfortable and makes entertaining so much easier. Gina's ideas regarding storage were "spot on", and I consider calling to thank her each time I prepare a meal for a large gathering! As much as I like my new kitchen, I like my new bathroom even better. It was a challenging project because we were so far from Gina, but she was responsive and helped devise a solution to every challenge. I highly recommend Gina, and we would use her again in the future.

Working with Gina made what could have been a difficult and tedious task completely doable. We had several things that we wanted incorporated into our bathroom and bedroom remodel. For every suggestion we made, she had a way to make it happen. She had all of the necessary products and fixtures available before the contractor was ready for them. She had a good relationship with the people who did the work, and our project was completed without any complications. We would happily recommend Gina for your project.

We've completed two major remodeling projects with Gina McMurtrey Interiors. Gina's creative and innovative design solutions to our projects exceeded our high expectations. We've always appreciated that she's true to the style of our home and willing to work within our budget.
We're excited to embark on our next project with Gina, our kitchen.

Gina McMurtrey is helping us with a renovation of our ranch home. She has excellent taste and a keen sense of the architectural and electrical design needs which impact the space. Her communication skills and accurate record keeping bring a confidence and comfort level to the project and her attention to the economics serves the client well. She artistically brings the personality and life experience of the family into the design space to reflect their unique taste. It has been a pleasure working with Gina McMurtrey as a professional and a valued friend. We look forward to many future projects with her and her company.

We have used Gina McMurtrey two times. First, she remodeled our master bedroom and three baths. These were so beautiful we then decided to have Gina remodel our kitchen. This was a beautiful success. Our home shows just how Gina is such a talented person. We love what she has done for us.

We had Gina help us redo the main level of our vacation home. She was very helpful with the design, colors and furniture selections. Gina was very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her.

Worked with Gina McMurtrey on a whole house remodel. One of our favorite things was her vision of the the project and her ability to put it on the computer and give us a visual of our project. She took the guess work out of the space. She suggested open shelving in our kitchen in which we never would have thought of before, and we love it! She took the time to figure out our "style" and made suggestions accordingly. She is a great decision maker and is confident in her abilities. We would definitely work with Gina again!

I worked with Gina McMurtrey Interiors on both a bathroom and kitchen remodel with an eDECORATING Plan, as well as staging before selling our home. It made all the difference. Gina offers affordable design options and great product selection while staying within your budget! Gina is personable, creative, and quickly understood my vision. I highly recommend Gina McMurtrey Interiors!

We finished a Master Bathroom remodel with Gina and the entire experience was amazing! Throughout the entire process she listened to our wants and desires and exceeded our expectations. During the design phase we knew we trusted her completely. Her professionalism, work-ethic, and design skills are impressive. When the bids came in they were higher than we could afford so she went to work making some cuts while trying not to compromise the integrity of the design look we had agreed upon. She used a new glass installer for the first time who was much cheaper. We were not pleased with the glass and neither was Gina. She let that installer go, called her trusted sub, AND she ate the cost of the glass. We couldn't be more pleased with the way we were treated. The finished product is a dream Master Bath. We will only use Gina McMurtrey Interiors for our next project.

At Missouri Tile we love working with Gina McMurtrey. We see Gina on a regular basis searching for the perfect product for her clients needs. She has an eye for detail and is able to communicate exactly what her and her clients vision is. We always look forward to helping her and her clients.

I've work with many designers over the years, and Gina is one of the best to work with that I have known. She has a calm and steady demeanor, honest, talented in selecting colors and materials and communicates well with the trades. She is very conscientious and is always looking for ways to improve the process. If you need an Interior Designer, I would recommend Gina!

We have worked with Gina McMurtrey Interiors on several projects now. Its always a Pleasure to work on a job where Gina is involved. Everything is scheduled and planned out to the finest details. Gina will bring some new and innovative ideas to your project. Hands down one of the Best Decorators in the Springfield area.

“We have worked with Gina McMurtrey for quite some time now and if you’re looking for a highly gifted interior designer that has her client’s every need and desire at the core of her concepts, then she’s the right one for you. She comes to a project focused and ready to tackle any obstacle and is willing to think outside the box to do so. This along with her professional attitude and tender-hearted nature continue to make her an easy referral to clients.”

After looking over several designers’ work on Houzz and other sites, my husband and I settled on Gina from Gina McMurtrey Interiors to help us do a fairly extensive remodel of our upstairs, including our kitchen/dining, hallway/stairs, and guest bathroom. Gina did an excellent job figuring out what our tastes were, especially considering the fact that I am truly design-challenged and could not begin to describe what “styles” I liked or disliked. Simply from looking at our house during the initial consultation, hearing me say, “I want it to look peaceful and uncluttered”, and looking over a lot of pictures I tagged and said I did NOT like for various reasons, Gina managed to put together a design that nailed my hopes and expectations perfectly.

The team of contractors Gina has working with her are all top-notch. Pros both in their specific professions, as well as in their attitudes and commitment to do quality work. It was a little unnerving when I thought of having a multitude of strangers in and out of my house for weeks on end, especially as I was home with my kids during large portions of that time, but never once did I feel uncomfortable or uneasy with the contractors she had assigned to my job. And the quality of work they performed was outstanding. If anything was later discovered to have a flaw, they were back out in short order to correct the problem and make sure it was “done right”.

If anyone thinks, going into a remodel project of the size we did, that there won’t be snafus or bumps along the way, they are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, our world is not perfect and neither are the people who live and work in it. The question is not, “Will there be bumps?” but instead, “How will everyone deal with the bumps when they occur?” That is where Gina and her team’s commitment to doing the job right and with excellence really shone through. “Bumps” were promptly addressed and corrected, and attitudes were customer-oriented.

By the end of our project, the whole space was magazine-worthy and amazingly beautiful. But even more important to me - it was so much more functional! The kitchen, especially, is the hub of our home and is used extensively. It only took me a day or two of living in the new, beautiful, highly efficient kitchen that Gina designed before I kicked myself for waiting so long to remodel it. If you’re thinking of hiring a designer to help with a remodel, I’d highly recommend you give Gina a call.

Gina was so responsive during our remodel. I really appreciated being able to get a prompt response to questions. Gina's design was exactly what we hoped for when considering updates to our full house. We had a couple of areas run over in cost but it wasn't something Gina could control. I would recommend her to a friend.

We love having the opportunity to collaborate with such an incredible designer! She has amazing style and creativity. It's always exciting seeing her work come to life. Extremely impressed with her ability to manage her projects and her ability to take a normal space and transform it into a custom designed masterpiece!

Gina is a creative and knowledgeable decorator. She can go from reorganizing a 15 ft breakfront to remodeling the whole kitchen. She is helping me complete projects others have left unfinished using her talents, my budget and keeping in mind my husband's and my taste. She is easy to work with and can work with what I already have. She is my decorator and has become my friend.

Using Gina McMurtrey Interior’s eDECORATING services has been one of the best experiences!  She not only developed a fabulous decorating plan, she helped us turn our house into a home!  We can’t wait to have her decorate our next room!

Gina McMurtrey Interiors' eDECORATING Plan was just what I was looking for to help me get the look I wanted in my new home. Gina let me explain my style and went to work organizing and getting a plan specifically tailored to my family's needs. She came up with a design for my family room that is beautiful and functional. I received a detailed floor plan with a visual that allowed me to see exactly how my design would look. I also received a detailed list of the items she selected for my home along with suggestions to make carrying out the plan easier for me using many of her resources. eDECORATING was very convenient and a valuable timesaver for me. I got the "wow" factor of a designer's touch and all within my budget!

When my husband and decided to sell our house we knew it was important that it sell as quickly as possible in today’s market. However, we also knew we needed a professional’s expertise to guide us in the preparation and staging for it to look its best. Gina McMurtrey was the first person on our list. Gina arrived completely prepared to guide our decision making for fresh paint colors, as well as cost effective staging tips to transform our home into an inviting space where other’s could see themselves creating memories of their own. We listed our home on a Friday, and the following Thursday we had a signed contract in our hands. Giving credit where credit is due, thanks Gina. We could not have done it without your expertise!

Gina is very professional and well educated in her design field, she develops a complete plan and clear vision on each project. I have worked with Gina on bathroom and home remodels, her care and involvement in each project is remarkable. She stays with a project until it is totally finished. She maintains high quality finishes and uses talented carpenters on her projects. Gina goes above and beyond with each of her customers and clearly enjoys what she does. I would not hesitate to recommend Gina to anyone planning to remodel their home.

Gina is an enthusiastic, talented professional with a keen eye for her craft.  She strikes a perfect balance between incorporating the elements of great design and expressing her client’s personal style and needs.  Gina will work her magic to produce an extraordinary outcome.  I am convinced our home remodel was a winner because of her!

Even though I have known Gina on a personal level for many years, she came across very professional and sincere.  I am a single Dad and simply wanted some flow from room to room.  Before Gina’s help it was just thrown together.  Gina did a great job of bringing our home to a comfortable non-frilly feel (as I have two young boys), yet not overly masculine.  Thanks, Gina!