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Add a warm, contemporary look to any room with easy DIY multi-dimensional wood panels

It’s been a while since a product had me excited.  And this product has me EXCITED!

FriendlyWall wood panels are the simple and quick answer to all those pallet-wall Pinterest boards…but much, much better and much, much easier!  Yes, it’s wood paneling….but think urban loft, super-chic wood paneling!  I think I need this.  I think you need this.

FriendlyWall Bedroom Accent



This is a DIYer’s dream product!  All you need is a weekend, radial saw and some liquid nails.  That’s about it!  The large interlocking panels go up easily and without visible joints, giving you a sleek, contemporary accent wall to any room.  Voila!  Just check out how dramatic the panel wall looks in a bedroom!  You just transformed a boring track home bedroom into an enviable über-hip oasis.


FriendlyWall Accent Detail


Transform an awkward landing into a showcase wall and sitting area.

I know I’m gushing…

These wall panels are made from repurposed hardwood, so they are ecologically responsible and real wood!  Plus, they are available in 11 popular colors in three different finishes.   Rich stained panels move from the dark brown of Amedeus to the very popular grey of Debussey.   Matte, oil-treated wood is available in the Oilé Collection.  Plus, several variegated selections that evoke the mood of iconic cities is found in the Ecolo Collection.

Sao Paolo Ecolo Collection

Sao Paolo Ecolo Collection

Moscow Ecolo Collection

Moscow Ecolo Collection


San Francisco Ecolo Collection


Moscow Ecolo Collection


Edinburg Ecolo Collection


Dakar Oilé Collection


Brisbane Oilé Collection


Baker Stained Collection


Davis Stained Collection


Amadeus Stained Collection

Debussy Stained Collection

Debussy Stained Collection





















Feeling inspired?

Can you see FriendlyWall panels in your home?

Contact us today for pricing, available and to see how we can transform your space into something warm and contemporary!